Gosh, this hot weather is surly no good. We all start our day very early so that the dogs can be exercised in the morning before it gets too hot and then they get aktive in the evening. The doggies are very calm and tired - so am I - during the day and we try to wast es less energy as possible. A quick toilet break and a little walk in the garden and the dogs are totally exhausted!

The only thing which gets my dogs more aktive during the day time is when we play with the water :-D La Vita and Mia go completly crazy for it. Kahlan and Castiel do like it too but they don´t like to get wet lol Its more like chasing the water.

Ranjana and Joy did try to play but neither of them really enjoyed it so they have their paddling pool and the others will just play lazy in the shade.

This are photos from Monday x


And here are a few photos from Yesterday.

The Puppies and the Minis went to visit my Granddad with us and then we went for a walk :-D


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