Well, our Puppy-Time is over and so I have time to show you what the doggies and me are up to :-)

The remaining Puppies have joined my Dog-Group. This is also Urmels last walk with his friends and Family as he is now living in his very own family. Alya is at home as she is still not allowed to walk with the doggies. Monchi is a very happy puppy who is still waiting for his very own family and then there is my girl Atria who is having fun and loves to go for walks. My doggies do not mind that the puppies have joined us and Zaphira is doing a great job again by leading the gang :-D


Elias has joined us too and has come for a walk. This cat surly things that he is a dog, bless him <3 <3 <3

Second walk with the Spoos and Elias <3 <3 <3

Kijara - Siraya - Lilly - Castiel - La Vita - Kahlan


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