My last up date is quite a while ago. All the walkis, play times and Puppy Training have aking up so much time that I was too tired in the evening to sort my Website:-/ But here are a few photos which I have collected.

I was looking forward to the month of Mai as I was hoping to find some Maybugs again. But this years was very disappointing! I only found 3 of them and they where more dead then alife. I know they only live for a little while but it is still sad to see them like that. When I was little we saw this beautiful beatels ever day for a few weeks! And now we are lucky to see a few in a whole month :-( I took a few photos and then put them at a safe place in the garden xx



A lovely w with the Minis and Monchi :-)



This is  new place which we fond :-D  I did not know what to expect so I only took a small group of doggies along. We all enjoed the walk and we will add this lovely location to our list hihihi



Siraya is still enjoying a lot of one-2-one walks :-) She is only a youngster and it is very important that she learnes that everythingis fine even without her K9 friends, bles her.


Saw the first hornet for the year :-D My camera would not focus on her but she was soooo beautiful.


Alya´s bandage came off and so I gave her one more week to get used to it and I also needed this week to sort my mind lol I was soooo worried about seeing her running without the banage that I just could not bath her - silly me. But never mind, the week went by and so it was bathing time :D Alya done very well, there where no problems due to her leg and she stood nicely for the bath and brush. She did not had to stand for too long while I dried her ae she was laying on my lap lol I am soooo very happy with what I found under the wet coat and I loved what I saw once she was all dry <3 <3 <3 Alya is sury develloping nicely. 


Alya and Atria at the age of 4 months <3 <3 <3

Alya is estimated to grow to 20" and Atria is estimated to grow to 23.5". 


Our last walk with Monchi <3 <3 <3 He has joined his new family a few days later, bless him. 



It was also time to catch up with some grooming - La Vita was first :-D



Alya is enjoying her new freedom hihihi But she is still on a lot of cage rest and only has a few play-times per day as we have to slowly build her up.


Another wonderful walk with Siraya. She also has a new hair stile :-)



It was also time to do more training with Alya! I was not able to do any lead training with Alya due to her broken leg so I did not know where to start. In the end I decieded to take her to the town and just put her on the ground and see what she will do. She was such a good girl and done better then I hought! She was quite a bit all over the place but she is a good girl and would respond to what I say :-D I am very proud of my little Puppy :-)



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