We all had a wonderful day yesterday :-) A great walk with the Spoos and Minis - ok, thats nothing new, but it was quite hard to say whether its December or April! It was sooooo warm, birds singing and the flowers started to bloom. I surly love the spring and the summer and all the sunshine and warm weather BUT now I miss the winter :-/ Where is the frost and all the snow! We have hardly had any snow for 2 winters now so I hope its third times luck and this year will bring us the white magic :-)


The Spoos and me had a great time on our local walk.


And now my Minis :-)

Mum, the doggies and me tryed a new walk. It was a nice leangth for the Minis, especially as Gypsy and Joy are with us, but the walk would be to short for the Spoos lol Or we would have to walk around the field twice.


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