Here are some photos from our yesterdays walk :-D

At the moment we love to go for a walk in the early morning hours as the grond is still frosted and the doggies stay clean lol But getting good photos without sunshine is quite a big tast and my hands start to freez too. But yesterday was a lovely day and as our walk was a bit later and the sun was already starting to come through due to the nice weather we have I decided to taker my camera along.


First my lovely Standard Poodles <3


And now my Minis, Zaphira and my cat Elias :-) There are not that many photos as we run low on battery hihihih Melody and Rhapsodie still want to go for walk, but the walk over the medows is to long for them. So we use the 3 field at our house so the girls can let me know when its time to go back home or if we can go for another round :-)



And some tasty raw bones is the best finish to such a great day :-D



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