The Minis, Zaphira and me have been for our usually walk over the medows yesterday where we got surprised by a "few" horses. The horses have always been on a different field but now they have been moved and we had to go through the herd. All the mares are on a lead but their foal are free running. I did had my doggies on the lead as we passed them and it was quite funny to see how relaxed and calm the foal were, bess them.

Unfortunately I did not had time to walk the Spoos yesterday, so I decided to do some gardening as I returned ho,e so that they can still have some run and play :-D I have to say that I did not managed to do a lot of gardening as I decided to play with them and to take a few videos hihihi

So here are a few photos from our walk. And there there are also a few videos from our walk + from our playtime in the garden <3 



And now the videos from our Play-Time in the garden :-D