This photos are from monday but I only now got time to post them on my website x

This 4 photos have still been on my camera from the weekend when we went to visit my granddad. All 3 Puppies behaved nicely and enjoyed the play-time in his garden.


The Minis and Puppies had their daily walk on the local field which they all enjoy. Gypsy is still to young to keep up but lucky she is still very samll so its easy to carry her if she gets tired, bless her.


Well, that group-foto did not work out lol Naughty Puppies <3


Then it was time for the Minis and Puppies to stay at home so that the Spoos are getting their exercise :-) Kijara is still going strong even thought that her babytummy is getting in the way lol She has calmed down on our walks and our walks are no longer that long. we stop our walk once Kijara indicates me that she had enough, bless her. But its not too bad for the others as they either get a secound walk on our local fields or we have a good play of fetch in the garden :-)


La Vita, Lilly, Kijara, Kahlan and Castiel <3 <3 <3


My doggies and my cat Elias have also enjoyed their half rabbits for lunch :-)



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