Our up-date is starting with some fantastic news :-) We have celebrated Castiels 4th Birthday a few days agao. I am surly blessed with having my White Angle. He is such an amazing character. Castiel and his Family and Friends had some lovely beef tracheas instead of a Birthday Cake lol



Here are some photos of one of our Mini Walks :-) Mia has slowed down nicely but she still loves her walks, bless her.



My Puppies and Siraya :-) We all had a lovely walk around the fishing lake ... with some unexpected wsimming hihihi


Happiness =

a full battery, an empty memory card, lots of sunshine and an afternoon at the beach with my Fantastic 5 and Mum - <3 <3 <3

  The icing on the cake would be if my Sister was here too xxx


Lilly, Kijara. Castiel, La Vita, Kahlan


All happy and tired, bless them.


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