HAPPY NEW YEAR xx I hope you all had a goot start to the new year.

Our first week of the year has been very good - rain and sun where taking their turns which gave us plenty of walks and play outside. The only downside is, that we still had no snow and I guess we won´t be getting anything :-(

Of course I have been collecting a few photos again xx

Mum, Dad, Rhapsodie, Siraya, Gypsy and me had a lovely walk at the beach. It was very crowded and we had high tide so it was quite a temptation for the Puppies to not run off to the others but to stay with me. Luckely they both got the idea of the game so that we where still able to enjoy some great off-lead playing <3 Rhapsodie - like always - was not a problem at all and just enjoyed her walk with us, bless her.

This was on the 29th of December! Such a beautiful day <3


I tryed to get some nice photos of the waves so Siraya decided to go and climp the rocks next to me! She surly is not scared and always happy to explore, bless her.


A little Cocapoo came running to us :-)


Cheeky Rhapsodie hihihi She helped her self to some treats while I was busy with the Puppies :-D



Here are some photos of one of our walks with my Spoos. Its just our local walk but they still love it <3


Gypsy had a groom :-) She looks fantastic but I did not get any good photos of her due to some rain. I will try to get some better photos of her and then I will shave her to get rid of all the puppy fluff lol



Rhapsodie has moved out. She is living together with one of Zaphira´s Puppies and I am very happy to say, that its going very well :-D Rhapsodie is very relaxed, plays with everyone and is settling in nicely. However, its still early days so things could still change and if thats the case, then she will come back home <3 <3 <3

Rhapsodie and her daughter Joy <3


And here she is in her new home ... turning into a little Princess, bless her.



Some photos of our mornings and evenings playtimes. I walk my dogs in 2 groups so its always a joy for me to watch them play all together :-D



This are photos from our walk at the Car Boot sale field in Needham Market. I really like that place as it gives us plenty of space, dog contacts, training the youngsters not to chase the birds and we could even go for alonger walk around the lake :-D But the best is, that the field does not get muddy if we have lots of rain hihihi Zaphira has slowed down quite a lot but she still loves to got out for a walk, bless her.


And here are my Spoos. We where very lucky to get some sunshine and to finish our walk before the rain started!


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