What a wonderful day :-)

The Puppies had their first walk at the beach together with Zaphira and the Minis. They absolutly loooooved it :-D The first few minutes have veen quiet as I needed to keep my doggies close to me due to other walkerst but after that the beach belonged to us and the big fun started.

The Puppies have been amazing around the other people. They stayed with me even thought that they where off-lead and ignored the people, apart of looking at them lol  Its ice to see that the Puppy Training is showing off and that I can now give the Puppies the freedom they deserve <3 It is such a joy to just walk with them and see how much fun they all have together.

Ranjana was the first to run into the sea and the other soon followed her. She is a true Poodle, bless her.


Melody and her daughter Ranjana <3


And hhere she goes! Into the water! Let the fun beginn :-D



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