Mum, Zaphira, Kahlan, Jasper, Mia and me had a wonderful walk last week and I took some nice photos too which I forgot to post so here they are :-D


And the following photos are from today :-)

We are still waiting for the Puppies to be born and sorting photos after our dogwalk is a great way to kill time lol To take the photo while we are out and about is easy and I always have to find out that the memory card in my camera is just to big lol But it does take a couple of hours to go through 569 photos and then post the best ones which where nearly 130 today :-D  

Kijara, La Vita, Lilly and Castiel have been in our first group. Its been such a nice walk but unfortunately the sun was not shining that early in the morning :-( The doggies - like always -  did get quite muddy and they had grassstuf stuck in their coat grrrrr But it only took me one hour to brush them all and to free their coats. Castiel also had his legs bathed in the late evening so he looks all white again. Lilly is blue so not such a big problem and the 2 sisters are okeish once their coat dryed so I will wash their legs in a few days xx

  Someone is asking for the ball :-)

      Lilly <3 I just love this girl and her eyes <3


hihihi La Vita did not noticed that we have left the path to go onto the field so she run untill the end of the path to use the next entry to the field and then she had to run all the way back to us, bless her.



And of we go into the forest :-D


First down then up - thats enough exercise for me lol


If we turn left, we would go home but we gone turn right which will take us to the big field to play fetch :-)



Taaadaaaaaa :-) All of my doggies love this place and so do I.

       Flying Castiel I knew he is an angle <3


Time to go home.


This only looks like a small hill, well its olny 2 steps BUT its so slipry, that I needed the doggies to help me lol And then, once you are on the top, you are welcomed by mud, mud and more mud :-/ I do love motor bikes, but this is surly annoying grrrrrrr


Kijara, Castiel, La Vita at the back and Lilly at the front <3

Our secound group: Rhapsodie, Melody, Mia, Zaphira, Jasper and Kahlan

Rhapsodie and Melody are both very well and they both still enjoy to go for a walk. We do stay out on the fields for quite a while, but we don´t go that far away from home - just in case. All we do is going in circles or backwards and forwards lol But the doggies are still enjoying their walk anyway. Melody has also accepted now, that the remining doggies will play and run even if she does not play with them hihihi Melody stays very close to me most of the time. Rhapsodie would loooooove to play fetch, but that gets very complicated with her babytummy, bless her. She will just walk after the others and wait for Zaphira or Jasper to bring the ball back so that she can nick it from them - clever girl :-)


Melody, Jasper, Rhapsodie, Mia, Kahlan and Zaphira <3


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