I have not been able to give a little up-date about my doggies as I was - well, I still am lol - bussy with our lovely Puppies. However, I did collected quite a few photos over the last weeks and have some spare time to share them with you :-)


We have had a BBQ a while ago and the doggies had their pork trotters. Melody´s and Mia´s Puppies are indoors as they where far to young to come out - such a shame. The mothers also did not like the pork so they both enjoyed a chicken carcass hihihih The house was all open so Melody and mia were able to go to the Puppies when ever they wanted too :-D


I know this little fellow is not a dog, but he was still in our house lol I thought he was quite cool and he could fly! Mum did not agree with me and nearly got a heart attack when she found him upstaris xx


A little play time in our garden :-D Melody is with her Puppies - they were only a few days old. She would come out potty but she wanted to go back indoors as soon as she realized that we would play, bless her. Mia was already happy to play with us, bless her.


Happy Gypsy :-D She was running after a butterfly :-D

The weeds are slowly dying now as the autumn is comming and the doggies started to get very interested in one part of the garden so I went to check if I can see sometzhing behind the fence - and yes I did! The foxes have nicked a few of our toys and where hiding them lol I could find 6 toys!


Alya´s and Atria´s training had to coninue too. Just look on how scuffy Alya was. She was well over due her grooming :-D



Most of my girls have also been in season during the summer. 2 new born litters, a Stud and girls in season ... Lucky my dogs all get along nicely and know how to behave! Castiel was a star again and enjoyed it to be my shadow. I keep him with me 24/7 when the girls are in season as that is the only way to make sure to not have an accidant! To lock him up in a different room is a big NO NO!! And I can also not put him in a kennel. It would not be fair on him to be away from us for several weeks :-( The girls had fun too and loooots of extra exercise in the garden hihihih Here is a little Video from Joy and Siraya. They could play like this for hours and hours, bless them.

My boys <3 <3 <3


Alya and Atria had another training along with Joy. I think Alya looks stunning in her new groom ;-) It surly was a fantastic time with the 3 girls and we got loooots of attention. When I start the Puppy Training I keep explaining to people to not pet my Puppies as they are in training and they have to learn to be calm and friendly and now I have to explain how I get my dogs to sit when I stop and to get them so focused on me :-D Non of the girls are interested in other peoople, they do not interact with them and they don´t ask to be petted! Guess the training was a full success. But I still have to train them, to walk on one side looool And Joy surly has to learn to stop changing the side in front of me!


One of our favourit places to walk the doggies :-D

(Please click on the photo)

Melody and Mia have also started to enjoy our walks :-) It´s wonderful to takethem out again. Please click on the photo to enlarge it. The first part of the album is from the Puppies and the mothers and the secound part is of the Minis xx

We have visited my Granddad in Great Fiborough so we used the opportunity to walk the Spoos up thee on the fields.

It surly is a great walk, but just a bit to far away :-/

We have also been able to watch this little chap in our garden for a few days now :-) Someone is getting ready for the winter xx

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