I did not collect a lot of photos recently as we where lucky to have my sister here for a holiday so sorting photos was not on top of my list :-) But there was still time for photos of our garden-play-times :-D




My sister took this photos while the doggies enjoyed some playing with me <3


Atria and Alya are doing very well and their training is coming along nicely :-) I still walk/train them on their own but we have also start to walk the 2 of them together. I am very pleased to say that both Puppies done very well and have still showed what they learned in their one-2-one training, bless them.


A few photos of Alya at the beach.



Atria in the town :-) She is such a calm and easy-going Puppy <3 <3 <3 


And some random photos which I just have to share :-)

Castiel <3 <3 <3 He surly knows that he is not allowed on the furniture ... but how can one be angry with him <3


And this is the reason why Castiel thought funiturs are now allowed looool Alya and Atria started to play on the shair and it took me a while to teach them, that this is not accepted. Castiel must have thought that if the Puppies are on there, then I am allowed too, bless them. Alya tried to sit on the armrest and NO she did not fall down hihihih


Of course having the doggies is not always fun and enjoyments! It´s also a lot of work and keeping the car clean is one of my jobs ... but of course I found a way to make even this duty enjoyable :-D I clean the car and the doggies are munching on their pig trotters - great time for everyone as I love to see my dogs so happy and cleaning the car turnes into a great activity ;-)

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