We have all had a few great days - great walks on good days, taking the doggies out and about on mostly sunny days and some grooming during the rainy days. I have tryed to take my camera with us as often as possible and so I have been collecting loooots of photos and now I found the time to udpate my website.

The 5th of December was a mixed day so we only enjoyed our local walk and then I done a bit of tidy-up. The photos are not that good but we had no sunshine that day so thats the best I could do :-D

Joy ... I really was planing on scissoring her front legs and get her top-knot sorted, but I changed my mind once she was all dry again <3 <3 <3 Joy would not be JOY if I put her into a different - more normal - trim. She has a very special and uniqie character so she needs a very special look :-D


Zaphira only had a bit of a scissoring. Her long top hair covers her pattern and colour so I do get rid of it every now and again <3 Now her rich brown colour and her funny merle pattern shows nicely again :-)


Gypsy needed a full groom :-D And I think she looks great. I did try to get her coat shorter this time to help me get rid of the Puppy coat. She is in coat change already and I really love what I see under the Puppyfluff <3


Siraya is now in Puppy Pants <3 <3 <3 What a stunning, beautiful and elegant Puppy. I am very pleased with her, but I know she would be better if her Puppy Coat was a bit thicker hihihi ... Well, noone is perfect <3


I love this 2 photos <3 It shows Siraya at 3.5 months and her father Castiel at around 4 months <3 <3 <3



... A few days later ....

Mum, Joy, Gypsy, Siraya and me had the best possible start to the week :-D We went for a lovely walk at the beach.


My funny girl Gypsy :-) Its quite hard to take photos of her and Joy as it was still early morning and not enough sunshine to photograph black dogs. But it was still a great time :-)


A young Pug came running to us. She was sooooo cute and very happy to have found new friends, bless her. She was so happy, that her owner had to pick her up as she would not go lol


And off we go again.


Yes Gypsy, he is looking at you lol This older boy came to say hallo too. I was not sure what Joy would think about the big boy, so I gave more treats hihihi In the end non of my girls where bothered about him and where happily searching for the treats and so the dog run back to his owner.


I just looooove the sea <3


And here is a little video from our walk.

We also took the Minis out for their walk. But I was not bothered about taking photos lol

 Its been such a lovely walk but it would be even better if we had some snow and not flowers blooming and birds singing as if spring is round the corner!
When we headed back to the car we had to cross a large meadow which is divided in 2 by some hedges and trees.
The 6 of us where still on the path when I saw a man entering the meadow with his boxer.
I called my girls back to me as the boxer was running and having fun all over the field, bless him.
After some recalls he eventually run back to his owner and so we carried on with our walk ... but only for a few meters as a Border Collie and a Labrador came running onto the field - from the other entrance. So my girls had to come back to my side - all fine :-)
I managed to see both dog owner - one still at the car park and the boxer´s owner more or less at the same place.
Border Collie and Labrador run back to the car park so off we went again ... and stopped again as Boxer, Border Collie and Labrador came all running back onto the field! Both owners calling for their dogs. Girls where very interested in what was going on but stayed nicely with me.
Soooo, All dogs run back to their owner and we thought that this is it! BUT NO, Boxer, Border Collie, Labrador AND a Doberman where now chasing each other across the field lol It was very nice to watch them and they where all very friendly, but now I really did not wanted to cross the field and so we decided to wait until all of the 3 owners had their dogs back lol
Needles to say, that I am veeeeery proud of my girls who have stayed nicely at my side all the time <3 <3 <3

PS: You don´t let your dog run free into a public field without knowing who else is there! You should enter the field TOGETHER with your dog!

The Spoos where the last group of the day and we decided to take them out for their walk as it was still quite early in the day. Its a good joy, that we got all the walks done so fast as havy rain started just 20 minutes after finishing the walk! The journey back home was no problem as we where all in the car, but I had to let all the dogs out and go potty once we arrived at home - not that funny! I spended the reast of the day with getting 12 dogs dry and clean again lol

This is a lovely walk in Great Finborough - only a few photos due to the weather.


I am always looking for new places to walk my doggies so that I am able to offer more to them then just our daily local walk. It keeps my dogs mentally fit and healthy! Of course they all love and enjoy our local waks too, but they get ever so excited when we take them out in the car to one of "our" other walking areas - its like a little adventure for them as they can smell new things, meet other people and their dogs, memorising the walk and just see a new location :-) This is a new walk for us. A good friend has told me about it so my Spoos where the first to try it and it surly is an underestimate to say that they liked it! WE ALL loved it and I can´t wait to take my Minis here. 


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