It realy was time to take my older Puppies out for a good play on the field BUT it also get complicated to bring up a litter and go 3 big walks a day with this quite bad weather. So we rearranged our day and so I went for a walk in the morning with the Spoos, then came back home, feed all Doggies, played with the little Puppies, cleaned the Puppypen and then Mum and me took the Minis and The Puppies out for a walk :-) We put all 7 in the car and of we went. It was a very busy but also very nice day and the youngsters truly enjoyed the open space of the field. Legend was very brave and went quite far away but then decided to stay close once she realized that we will just leave her allone hihihi She did respond to me very well but was to busy with playing most of the time, so most of the time I only got a " I heard you Mummy" or " Okey, now I am close and can go again". Castiel - well I am not surprised - he has an angel. He stayed close, came back every now and again, was looking for eye contact and has always responded when I called him :-) Awww he is just like his Dad xxx But I did wanted to be on the safe side so I took my likke rattle tinbox with me :-D all oggies know what that sound mean hihihi They came flying across the fiel just to get back to me ...mhhhh or just to be the first one who will get the treat? lol

      :-) All 7, well almost lol