And more Puppy training Today with Omgy and Orion on the Car Boot Sale together with Rhapsodie and Mummy Zaphira. Both of them done so very well and we had some very nice people and dog contacts Omgy was over the moon to see soooo many doggy friends but Orion was a bit more shy so he rather enjoyed all the cuddles, bless him. All 4 of them had a good play and run once we reached the field and Zaphira was so very happy as I bought her a ball Omgy was not sure about what to do. Should I go and play with Mummy Zaphira or should I stay with my human Mummy lol But she stayed in touch with me all the time and was happy to come when I called her To make the same decision was much easier for Orion - he stayed with me hihih He - like Rhapsodie - would hardly leave my side . I did send Rhaopsodie away a few times or told her to "stay" so I was able to see whether Orion is going with me or with Rhapsodie! And I had 100% of his attention But it would have been fine even if he would walk with Rhapsodie, as he can´t learn any "bad" things from her



Just a quick potty walk around the field and then we are off to the car boot sale :-D

To walk with 4 doggies on the lead is quite complicated, especially if 2 are "Puppies in training" hihihi

And now some off-lead fine!

Little Omgy <3 Such a cute and clever girl x

To walk with 4 doggies where only 2 are on the lead is soooo much easier :-D

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