WOW what a nice day. The Spoos and me went for an almost 2h walk around Great Finborough. Its been very windy again but also sunny. Once we returned home we spended a nother hour in the garden with the Puppys and the reast of the Pack. Even thought that the Minis had a nice play and run in the garden I thought I will give them the chance to race  by a nice walk but my plans have been destroyed as big black clouds showed up and it started to rain not even 10 minutes later.  Here are lots of photos from walking the Spoos.


This is the entrance to the cow pasture. The doggies looove to run on it. There are also videos of the doggies racing around. Just keeo scrowling to the bottom of the page.


hihi I think my camera is dies  




Here are videos. Please turn your volume down or swich it off. Its been very windy so the videos are also very noisy as I can´t switch she sound of on my camera.