I am very sorry, but this will be the last update about my doggies until after our Puppy time :-) This does not mean that they don´t get their walks but rather that I won´t be having the time to sort their photos and upload them to my website. But the news and photos about my Doggies will be back xx

I have tryed something new this time and have put the photos into a Galeri. You can enlarge the photos by klicking on them.

The Fantastic 5 at the beach in Nacton :-) I absolutly love the beach and so do my doggies.

We have also had a very early walk at the beach in Felixstow with the Puppies, Zaphira and Gypsy. Starting the Sunday at 4.20am was surly well worth it <3

Mum, Dad and me have treated our selfs to a wonderful BBQ :-D The doggies have enjoyed some dried rabbit skin, Alya and Atria played in the garden and the others have just enjoyed the afternoon Sun with us.

The beach in Felixstow is surly amazing and therefore I really wanted to treat my Fantastic 5 with a lovely morning walk at that beach too. Kijara surly loooove it there, she was full of fun and so happy - so where the others, but Kijara is normaly a "quiet and lazy" Poodle so it was heartwarming to see her like that. She can be soooo funny, bless her. It is a shame that we don´t live closer to the beach :-( 

The amazing 8 :-D

Atria, Alya, Joy, Gypsy, Siraja, Melody, Mia, Zaphira <3 <3 <3

The first walk for the Puppies in the adult group and they have been as good as gold :-D .... Siraya not too much lol She kept wandering to far, she surly is her Mother´s daughter hihihihi

Soooo, thats it for now. We will now only enjoy our local walks, I will be working through my to-do list and then we will be on Puppy watch <3 <3 <3

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