WOOOW :-D What a great day!

Mum, my sister Kerstin, Zaphira, the 3 Puppies an me went to Felixstow yesterday to have awalk at the beach. We all enjoyed it. The doggies had a great play off-lead, me stayed with them for some play and photo shooting and Mum and Kerstin had a nice walk on the path where they could watch us 5 and have a chat :-) It was very sunny but also quite windy but non of us where bothered by the wind. This was the fist visit at the beach for the puppies and they had lots of fun. It was so nice to watch them play and run with each other and they found looots of good stuf to play with, bless them. We also had lots of nice dog contacts - some walked by and others a bit further in the distance.  

There was just one other lady who reall annyoied me!!! Mum was giving me handsignals that another dog is coming -  its a bit complicated to overview the whole place due to the rocks - so I called for my doggies and put them on the lead. But this lady has been so ignorant and stupit - sorry for my language, but thats what it is - because as she saw that I put my dogs on the lead, she let hers off the lead and let her run to us! How incidable stupit and rude is this!!!!

Luky the other dog was friendly too and nothing happend and the puppies where very interested in that dog too and it was a good training for them to stay calm and to wait untill the other dog was sorted - but still - we do not know each other so why being so arrogant :-(

Her "excuse" was QOUTE: Ah! Its ok, she is only 6 months. I got her from a rescue in Rumania and I want her to sozialise with people and dogs"

This lady was lucky that I had my Puppies with me so I stayed calm and friendly towars her, but I surly made clear that this sort of behavior is not acceptable, rude, dangerouse and absolutly WRONG! I explained to her that mine are only 5 months old and they first and mainly learn to be respectful to each other and to straingers! And that she has to go to a dog school for training grrrrrr

Please people - If you need help with training your Puppy/Dog then find a trainer who helps you! AND stop your dog from running towards others! Tell them to stay close with you or put them on the lead BUT do not let them run to meet and great! If you do not care about others and if you have no respect for others, then please do it for the love to your own dog! You ae responsible for him - if he gets attact, scared or hit by a car because he again runs off, then its your fault. ... please think about it :-/ This incidents are no fun and can be so dangerouse for all dogs involved xxxx

But now back o the photos :-D


Thats one very tired Puppy <3 <3 <3


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