Well, there is not a lot of an update this time lol Yaphira and her Puppies are all verz well. we all managed to settle nicelz in our new dailz routine and the weather is just beautiful which is giving us a lot of walks and plaztimes but zet clean doggies and a clean house hihihi Zaphira is not happz to go out for a walk but she dose love the platimes on the field so that what we have sticked to for the last few days.

I managed to get everything from my from my to-do list done apart of bathing and grooming Gypsi and Siraya ... well, there is always a next day :-)



It was also time to start feeding the turkey packs to my doggies :-) I still had the freezer full with chicken carcasses so I wanted to get rid of them first. WOW - to say that the doggies loved it would be an underestimate hihihi They all enjoeyed their supper and even the big ones had to give it a good chew! Not like a little chicken carcass which is gone in secounds.



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