PC problems stopped me from posting my up-date ... but here it finally is :-)


Its the first day of summer and its raining! What a bad start :-( The Doggies are very lazy and are trying to kill time by just sleeping and the Youngsters have made the most of a little playtime indoors and are also asleep now so I decided to use this boring day to update my website :-D

Alya´s and Atria´s Puppy Training is coming alonmg nicely. This 2 Puppies are sisters but they are so different from each other! Colour, Size, Character ... very amazing!

Here is our Blue Pearl Atria - or should I say "Lilly reloaded <3 <3 <3



We also had some great fun at the beach :-) It surly pais out to have a few dogs in an easy summer cut already lol


Gypsy needed a full bath once we returned home! Lucky most of my doggies are already in a nice summer cut.


The Spoos have also been to the beach - we all loooooove it there!


This is also a wonderful place to walk the doggies and it is the first time for Siraya that she was allowed to come and join the Minis in this walk. Siraya is only a young Standard Poodle and so far I thought that this walk would be too much for her joints as I know how carzy my doggies will run once we reach the forest, so it was best to wait a bit. But now as Siraya is 10 Months old I thought it was about time to let her join in with this fun and WOW she - well all of the doggies - loooooved it <3 Of course this kind of walk will only be every now and again for Siraya - better safe then Sorry xx


I preffer to walk my Spoos on an open field as it is easier to oversee the area and it gives more space for the gang :-)



I was also veeery lucky to have Aslan (Rhapsodie´s son, Joy´s Brother) here for a bit of a tidy up. WOOOW! What a stunning boy with such a wonderful, playful, friendly and outging character <3

I love his 2-coloured ears :-D

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