I think you all know my dogs so there is no need to introduce them but please let me introduce you to this two young and handsome men - Lukas and Timo. They are my Nephews and are spending there summer holiday here with us. And as you can see on the following photos they truly loved to play with my Poodles. My dogs are not used to young childeren so I was over the moon to see them all play together so nicely. The dogs really enjoyed all the fun - even Kijara who normaly is quite lazy LOL


The boys wanted to race against the doggies. Lucky we have a big garden. Lukas is carring Charline to the other side of the garden so all of them would have to run down to me.


And then all the way up again. Lilly missed the start

Dad found a new way to exercise the dogs, Charline loved it.



And this is how two young men look after plaing over 2 houers in the garden.



What a brilliant Sunday. My sister Andrea, my brother-in-law Jens and my nephews Lukas and Timo are with us for there summer holiday. Of course I liked to spend some time with the 2 boys before I have to go back to work on monday so we decided to visit the The Suffolk Owl Sanctuary at Stonham Barns. It was a great afternoon and the boys and me enjoyed the day. Here are some photos.