We all had a few busy but nice days so I thought I would bore you all with an update ;-)


Siraya had been for her first walk with the Minis and I am very happy to say, that she done very well. She was very obediant, stayed with us and did not run up to the other walkers and she did not chace the seagulls - what a clever girl. As you will see, Joy is not in this photos. I have made the decision to find her a new home so she was already with her new family. (Joy has been returned to me but more about her further down this page xx) 


Curlyfriends Quality Life of Aslan "Aslan" has come over for a groom. He is Rhapsodie´s son and Joy´s bother. Aslan has turned into a stunning young boy. He is 10.5 month old, has a perfect bit and stands just under 39cm.

I am very lucky, that Aslan not only has a fantastic home, but also because I will be able to use him as a Stud :-D He - if all his health tests are done - would make a great parttner to Mia (and maybe to Gypsy too <3 ) 

Aslan has a great body with stunning movements, his coat is very thick and his colour is stunning too even thought its still changing a lot with blue colour coming through in his adult coat! The only "negative" part about him are his small ears :-/ He has got them from Rhapsodie but I hope that I will get some better ears through Melody and Mia.

He has the ttipically friendly, playful and crazy character of the Black and Tans which will go nicely with Mia´s character too. So all in all - a perfect match <3 <3 <3


Aslan and Rhapsodie - son and mother :-) Look how tiny Rhapsodie is, bless her.


He is not amused lol   

This bluish colour on the base of his tail is coming through on his body too! Aslan will soon have a blue jacket hihihi


 I also filmed Aslan a bit, just in case that the photos do not turn out well due to the bad weather.

The rest of the week turned quite busy for us! I had the opportunity to collect Turkey Carcasses for my dogs - lots of lots of turkey carcasses lol The nearly 1 hour journey was well worth it as it filled up my dog´s freezer with quality food :-D A big THANK YOU goes to Mum for doing the journey with me and for helping me 3 days to woke our way through the carcasses and get everything ready for the freezer xx

I think it´s needles to say, that the doggies loved us even more during this 3 days hihihihi

This is the weight of 1 carcass!


The Turkey Packs are still a bit to big, even for a Spoo lol So they might need to be cut in half once they are frozen.



Then we had visitors at the weekend :-)

Adoro and Percy have come for their grooming so they too look all smart again for Father Christmas xx I did not take and before and after photos ... I completly forgot about that! However, here are a few photos of the boys having fun with my gang :-D


Adoro                        ................                        Percy


A "Stay and Wait" was all we could manage lol But I think its sill a lovely photos of 14 stunning and lovable doggies <3 <3 <3


So, now a bit more to Joy :-D

First, Joy is all fine. She was only gone for one week and has fit back into my pack without any problems, bless her. I guess it was just like a holiday care for her.

Joy is now 10.5 months old. She - just like her Brother Aslan - has turned into a stunning Poodle. I see a lot of Rhapsodie in her - the character, confirmation, tiny ears lol but unfortunately also in size. Joy stands at 36cm and it is very unlikely that she will grow much more. She would make a fantastic breeding bitch to anyone who is working on the true Miniature Poodles, but as you might all know I preffer the large Minis - the Klein Poodles and Joy would just not fit in this line. She could of course produce Klein Poodles her self and then I can work with the next generation, but it surly is a sweet-bitter taste to think, that this small girl will selfwhelp a Klein Poodle Puppy (Melody e.g. selfwhelps 300g Puppies!) - it is possible but very risky too. And this is where Aslan joins the game. Aslan is litterbrosther to Joy and he will keep this line running with Mia <3 Joy seems to be coming into season - I guess that this is the reason why she would not settle in her new home, but I also have to say, that one week is just not enough for any dog to settle and to realize that this is now its new family. I will be keeping Joy here with us now untill after her season. I will then decide what to do with her as this one week where Joy was not with us has also shown me how much I love this little girl and it surly was hard to see her go but I also know, that I have to make a decision which is the best for Joy and not for my heart. Breeding is fare more, then raising a bitch and let her produce Puppies and this hard decisions have to be made for the sake of the induvidually dog, the line and the breed as a whole. Not every keeper Puppy will turn into a perfect breeding dog - they might turn into a bad example of the breed, their health tests might not turn out as good as one was hopping for or they just do not fit to the rest of the line.   

Happy Puppy - the day she came back home.

Now the same Puppy - slowly turning into a young lady <3 <3 <3



And this are photos from today :-D

The weather was very mixed today and I was also busy with cleaning the house and getting everything ready for Christmas so I decided, that a few play-times on the local field will do us nicely today xx


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