The doggies and me are enjoying the lovely spring weather which we have at the moment :-D Nice sunshine, blue sky, its quite warm ... just a bit windy hihihi

Rhapsodie has joined us for the first time for our daily walk since she gave birth, bless her. She really enjoyed the time-out and was very happy to be able to run with the others again hihihi

Melody is not ready to leave her Puppies yet. She does try to stay with us in the dinning room or garden during the day but 5 to 10 minutes still seems to be incredible long for her, bless her. But that will surly change soon so that she will go for a walk with us again xx


Jasper - such a cheeky monkey <3 <3 <3


Kahaln jumping over the Minis! She keeps doing this a lot lol She is good girl as she always tries to jump over them instead of runnig into them if they suddenly stop!


Elias has found us :-D


And now the Spoos ... and Mia again hihihi Mia is quite a noisy girl at home when I walk the Spoos. She can hardly settled down and keeps crying so now she is a lucky girl as she gets 2 walks. Normaly I would not be bothered about it, but Mia´s behaviour seems to bother Melody as she can´t work out whats wrong, bless her. Mia is just like her Mummy Melody - she always wants to be with me <3 


And whats the best way to top such a nice day = Rabbits for tea


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