Joy, Ranjana and Rasco have been out and about with Mia, Melody, Rhapsodie and Zaphira :-D

Awww I just love my Puppies <3 They are coming along so nicely and all the Puppy Training is paying out hihih This was their first proper walk with the Minis and they showed nicely what they have already learned - to stay in touch, to not run too fare, to come at first call, to be respectful to others - just perfect :-D I did had to put all the dogs on the lead at one point as another dog was close - no problem for the Puppies :-) They just walked nicely next to me (so did the doggies!) and enjoyed their walk again once they where off-lead. All 3 of them enjoyed it to run with the Doggies or to sniff here and there, but they all stayed in touch and came back to me just to go for another run, bless them.




The Fantastic 7 :-D

Mia, Joy, Rhapsodie, Zaphira

Melody, Rasco and Ranjana


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