Thursday has been a wonderful and excitable day for the Puppies - Joy and Ranjana :-) We went out for their first Puppy-Play-Time togethe with Zaphira.

I felt that it was the time to see how they gone be with other dogs, how they manage the new situation and mainly! if they will still be obediant!!! They have already learned everything neccassary to be off-lead but will they still be good when playing with other dogs? Or will they be scared and shy? Quite a worry for me, but there is a first time for everything and I would not find out without giving it a try :-)

The doggies, Mum and me met up with Gooner "Green Spirit´s Kato", Cassie "Green Spirit´s Olivia" and their mummy for a lovely walk at Nacton beach.

Kato is Zaphira´s son from her first litter and Cassie is Zaphira´s daughter from her secound litter <3 <3 <3

It was very nice to meet them all and to see "my" puppies again <3 Both have develloped nicely and have grown into such a lovely size!

The walk went very well! The Puppies and the doggies enjoyed it and they had some lovely playing going on :-D

The black Labradore dose not belong to us lol He, 2 of his dog friends and his family have also enjoyed a nice walk at the beach.

The 2 photos belove are of Casssie :-) Look at her lovely blue eye <3

This is Gooner + his mother Zaphira and little Joy :-)


Here is Gooner and Zaphira again and the secound photo is Zaphira xx


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