Soooo the "hot" days are over ;-) And I do not only mean the weather lol The firsl lot of our Summer Seasons is over and all girls are fine. Mia has recoverd nicely from her Honey Moon and Gypsy has showed me what a true Split Season is hihih Joy has not had her secound season yet which suits me very well and we are also waiting for Siraya´s first season but I hope she will wait for another few months. Castiel done very well again and was such a good boy <3 <3 <3

I have also collected some photos again from a few walkis :-)


My Standards, Mum and me enjoyed a lovely walk inGreat Finborough.



We took the Minis for a great local walk and I found a new path which we followed. It turned into a lovely 1.5h round journey which we all enjoyed very much :-)


Alya and Atria are still enjoying their Puppy Walks.

We do go to different places with the Puppies and they are either on their own or we take different dogs with us so that the pUppies learn to be brave and not to just relay on one of my other dogs :-) Alya and Antri are 6 months and at the moment they prefer to stay in their "Safety Zone" - our garden lol - but thats a very normal Puppy Behaviour and we will soon get over it with lots of easy walks and fun <3

I do not always have time  to walk all 3 groups per day so it surly helps to make one big group and then the Puppy Walk :-)


3/4 of my gang :-)

La Vita, Kijara, Zaphira, Castiel, Lilly, Kahlan, Joy, Gypsy and Siraya <3 <3 <3


Same day ... just with an hour break for Mum and me hihihi

Adoro and Percy have also been here for their Summer Holiday and a bit of a tidy-up <3 <3 <3 Joy was not amused ... well, she hated me for letting the boys into our - sorry HER - home lol Alya was quite impressed - more dogs to play with and Atria was not sure and decided to just stay with me, bless her. She needed 3 days to finally trust Percy and started gently playing with him. Alya was completly different lol By day 3 she knew exactly how to annoy the boys :-D Such a naughty girl! The boys where great and have fitted into our routine nicely.


But even the greatest times come to an end so so it was time to groom the boys, enjoy a last playing in the garden and then wait for the Daddy to come and pick them up again <3 <3 <3


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