Awww our Puppy-Time is over so I thought its time to share some photos of my doggies during our walks :-) I hardly take any photos of my dogs while I am busy with Puppies this is due to the fact that editing and posting photos just takes for to much time. But from now on I will be adding more photos and updates of my furry friends ... untill its Puppy-Time again :-D

We first went out with the Minis and then I walked the Spoos. You will not find Siraya in this photos as she is still far too young for our daily dog walks. But don´t worry, she gets her one-to-one training and walks with me which she is enjoying alot.

My Minis <3 <3 <3

A quick run to give them all the chance to go potti :-) It normaly safes me from poo-picking during our walk ... but not today and of course the field we went this time had no poo bins lol Its a good job that I always have plenty of bags with me hihihi


Me nearly getting a heart attack :-D Gyspy wanted to go into the water! I know that my Minis LOVE to play in water, but I also knew that I still had to walk the Spoos when I am back at home so I told her "no". Gypsy did ask one more time but then they all accepted it and non of them went for a swim :-D


And now my Spoos <3 <3 <3

There are only a few photos of them as I forgot to charge the battery of my camera and so my camera gave up after a while grrrrr


Thaaaaank you Kahlan .... I thought it would be a nice photo of my Fab5 :-D



Here is a small video :-) Sorry, but it mainly shows the Minis xx

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