Our Puppy Time is slowly coming to an end and so it is time to let the camera be part of our "Dog Adventures" again :-) However, photos and Videos are always subject to the weather as my camera dose not like dull weather. Magic and Goody will still get their extra training/walks/adventures but they will also start be be walked with my doggies - hope they gone love it hihih

A fantastic time at the park with Mia, Melody, Joy, Gypsy and Zaphira :-)


We have also had some very bad weather so we got well prepared for it with loooots of Pork Trotters :-D It surly helps to keep 15 Doggies and Puppies entertained loool


Our local walk - the photos from the forest are not that good, but I just loooove to walk there.

Flying Zaphira :-D What a great photo !

Mum had to go to the town the other day so I decided to go along with Siraya, Kijara and Castiel for some training. Castiel and Kijara don´t really need any training but Siraya is still young and has not been to the town for a while lol But she did amazing! she was such a good girl, loved all te attention, walked nicely by my side and stayed well focused one - well done young lady :-D

We also stopped at the park on the way home as the 3 surly deserved some great playtime xx

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