The weather has been so very hot for the last few weeks and it looks as if it stays like that. So my Doggies and my Puppies (the K-Kids) have been asleep during the day but enjoyed a good play in the morning or evening :-D We are very lucky that we have a little forest very close to us and thats where I take my doggies to have a bit more run and fun. I can only take my dogs out for a walk during the day which makes it very complicated to exercise all of them dayly (as it is just to hot) I need the morning and evening hours for the Puppie which are not allowed to go out yet but that will soon change as the last little boy will either go to his own family or - which will also be great - he will be able to come with us :-D The forest, the garden and sometimes the Car Boot Sale is all I am able to offer to my Doggies at the moment but I am positive sure that they are still happy :-D By the way, my cats also enjoy the walk through the forest, bless them.


This is where we play fetch but its to hot and Lilly is pregnant so that needs to wait a bit.