Its been Elians and Frodos "big day" today :-) They had their first walk with the pack. Both of them were fab and enjoyed the run and play. Frodo is a very high ranking dog but he was still easy to lead. He has been in the front almost all the time but he kept in touch with me perfectly. He stoped when I stoped, came back when I called him and he came back to me every time he reached a fork in the bath. Eliana is in the middle to lower  ranking. She did run and played with the others but she always came back to me and walked behinde me. Just a very small handsignale and she was back at my side from any distance or even when playing. She always made sure to stay somewhere inbetween me, Lilly and Kijara. Its amazing to see how different the Puppies are but they all know their place :-)