We all had a fantastic but also very long day :-)

We got up very early to go to the beach to dig workms - thats my Mum, the Minis and me. Then we returned home to let out the Spoos and to dry the Minis and then Mum, the Spoos and me set off to the beach again to do some fishing and to exercise the dogies :-D It was such a great day but I have to admit that we had tp stop at the tackle shop to buy some more worms lol as I was not very good in digging them out ;-)

Here are some photos from the morning :-) I think, someone has pulled the plug lol


Soooo, lets get some worms :-D

  Got one hihihi


Well, thats all I got :-( Not enough to go fishing .... must try harder lol


Mum, the Spoos and me have returned to the beach and so did the water :-) But unfortunatelly the sun decided to have a break :-/


Mum will do some fishing and me and the doggies will carry on ozr walk :-D


We are back from our walk and have joined Mum :-)

Kahlan found a "toy" 

We are off for our last walk - before we pack up and go home - after a nice but cold break aaaand the SUN is joyning us this time :-D (which is very good as I started to get cold in my T-Shirt lol)


My sweet girls beeing water shy loooool


Kahlan having a race with her mother, bless them <3


Yes :-D 5 Spoos do fit in the Car Boot hihih

Lilly, Kahlan, Li Vita, Castiel and Kijara


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And a short video :-D