Today was Mia´s and Mikesch´s "big day" :-) They have finally joined my Mini-Group for their walks. Both of the Puppies have enjoyed their walk and to play and race together, bless them. I have trained Mikesch and Mia over the last few months and it was sooooooo very nice to see how happily they have showed what they have already learned :-D I am so very proud of them.

They always stayed "in touch" with me and gave me eye-contact when I asked for it.

They both responded very well to the whistle.

They both stayed close to me when I told them to do so - very important due to the traffic!

They did not hunt after the birds.

They stoped when I stoped

But above all this, they have just been happy and playfull Puppies <3 

Both of the Puppies are still young - they will only be 5 months old on the 6tf of April - so they will still get their one-to-one time with me and their extra training in the public but I am sure that they will enjoy to walk together because so far Mikesch and Mia have always been out on their own, with only one or 2 of my other doggies and always seperated, but now they can enjoy the fun together :-D

Mikesch is the black Puppy with the blue collar - he is still looking for a home.



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