Adoro, Percy, the Doggies and my Puppies

Adoro and his grandson Percy have come for a visit :-D Its been quite some time since I last saw them so I was very much looking forward to meeting them again <3 And I think the boys have been happy to see me - or rather us - again too. Percy is just shy of beeing 9 months old but he is already as tall as his father Castiel! 26" But he is only tall lol His caracter still represents a little Puppy, bless him.

My Puppies - Ranjana, Joy and Rasco - have been quite scared of the 2 big boys lol The Puppies really did not know what to make out of all the noises but all of them made freinds in the end and are happy to play with each other <3 <3 <3


Percy in need of a shave loool 


Percy went completly crazy - positively crazy -when he heard Elias calling! Percy remembers Elias and had to great him too <3 <3 <3 Elias is such a great cat and was not bothere at all. And Mia ... well, Mia got jealouse and started to tell Percy off! Mia did not wanted Percy to play with HER cat loool She can be quite a silly girl ;-)


Family Photo shooting <3 <3 <3

Kahlan Adoro, Lilly, Castiel, Percy, Kijara, La Vita  .... (and Mia)

Aunty, Gradfather, Grandmother, Father, Son, Mother, Aunty



Adoro <3 <3 <3  



... I have more photos but they will have to wait untill tomorrow as its - again - getting late xx

.... Its a rainy morning here so ideal time to sort the website ;-) The doggies are all enjoying the hooves and Lilly, Kijara and La Vita are having another nap, bless them. My older girls do not like early mornings hihihih

"My" boys <3 <3 <3

This photos are from the weekend, befor Rhydian has left for his new home x

Adoro - such a handsome boy <3

Rhapsodie, Mia and Joy ... my crazy girls :-D


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