Adoro has found his very own special family and he has setteled in nicely.

To know that the day will come that I will let him go to a new home where he brings love and joy to another family is one thing, but to finally do it is a completly different storry :-( But to know that he is happy, away from all the "girls lovely smell", well cared for and that his family loves him confirms me that I done the right decision. Adoro has left us qute a while ago and I was very happy to be able to spend the last weekend with him here at home as he and his family came for a visit. My dogs did went all a bit crazy and overjoyed, but they soon settled and Adoro behaved as if he has never left us, bless him. Adoro was my top male dog and he only needed a very few secounds to take his place back hihih Jasper amd Castiel have not argured with him, but have been happely exited too.  




Awww time just goes by to quick :-( We all had a fantastic time together and Adoro has enjoyed the visit too :-D My dear boy was very happy and exited when he jumped out of the car and saw me staning there, waiting for him, which was very nice for me to see. But he was as exited when his family came to pick him up again - I think he loves it to having to homes, bless him <3 xxx




Adoro has come for another visit <3 <3 <3

He has settled into my pack without any problems, he remembered our daily routine after a few hours and by the afternoon it seemed as if he has never left us :-D

HERE are a few more photos from a good play in the garden with the puppies xx




Adoro and his Grandchild Percy have stayed with us last weekend :-D It was only short time, but we made the most out of it and Adoro enjoyed it here with us <3 He also had a batn and a little tidy-up x



Percy, Castiel, Adoro

Child, Father, Grandfather



Adoro and Percy have been gere for another visit and grooming :-) Percy was not that good in keeping still for his photos but Adoro was hihihi

Adoro and his grandson Sari <3

Family Photo <3 <3 <3

Adoro - Castiel - Sari

Grandfather - Father - Son

Percy enjoying a play with his grandfather :-) He has been a great big brother to my Sunshines and he surly has turned into a stunning boy <3

I could not resist to take another family photo <3

La Vita - Kijara - Lilly - Castiel - Adoro- Percy - Kahlan

And now including my Minis <3

Zaphira - Rhapsodie - Melody . Joy - Jasper - Mia and Gypsy :-) Its stil hard for Gypsy to sit and stay, bless her.

This is such a cute photo <3 Sassenach saw what we where doing so she decided to go and sit with the doggies. She got tired and wanted someone to cuddle up with. Gypsy followed here and so I got a great Family Photo <3 <3 <3 I then released my dogs again and Sassenach was still in the same spot and qite consussed where everyone is gone, bless her. I quickly took one more photo, picked her up and she cuddled up in my arm and relaxed ... pure magic <3



!!! He is here !!!

Little Adoro is an absolutly cute Standard Poodle Puppy who is promising to become a stunning man. We picked him up on frieday late evening and there where a lot of new things for him - an almost 2h journey, cats, a new pack of dogs, new voices, new smells.... but he was a very happy, playfull and nosy little boy all the time. He did start to cry as we went to bed but as I ignored him he settled down with in less then one minute and sleeped through the night - I bet he was quite exhausted after such a day.

He stands at about 24cm, weights 4140g and might stay black in colour.

Here are a few photos from last night and I will update Adoros page as he grows.




Well what shall I say - Adoro is adorable. He is very clever and easy to train. He comes at call and will sit in front of me. Adoro walks also very good on the lead and it is easy to get his attention - and all this with in 2 days. I done about 10 small training sessons during the day of not more then 5 minutes each. Even tought he is just a young Puppy he will have to "work" to get his food. But he enjoys it as he knows whats coming. Adoro reminds me very much of Lilly when she was a little girl . Lilly also was very good in training and enjoyed it very much - I hope that my little Boy will be as clever as Lilly.

My girls have acceped Adoro and they play and cuddle up together but they still tell him off if he push his luck to far.



Adoro is 11 weeks now and is a fantastic Pup. We have complited his Vaccination and we are now working on the extended Puppy training. It is a pleasure to have him around and to train him. Adoro and Toni love to play with each other.



Well Adoro is almost 6 month old so it was time to take off his jacked and I am more then pleased with what has been hiden underneath it.



Littly Adoro is almost 8 month old and stands 53cm. I think he will always be my little Puppy LOL



Here are a few new photos :-)

curlyfriends parti poodle, curly friends parti poodle, mismarked, f1



Adoro will be 10 month in 2 days and just look how stunning he is. He stands at 55cm so is on the smaller size of the Standard Poodle but his character his huge. I love his coat, it is still a bit soft but so far is has not started to get matted :-) I know it is still a bit time and a lot of health testing needs to be done but I am already excited about his Puppys next year.

curlyfriends parti poodle, curly friends parti poodle, mismarked, f1 curlyfriends parti poodle, curly friends parti poodle, mismarked, f1



Adoro is celebrating his 2nd Birthday today :-)







Here are a few photos of Adoro and Aris. Aris was my very first dog and has also been my studdog. But he has "retired" 3 years ago and is now enjoying his life with his own family. But he dose come back home every few weeks :-)






Adoro at 2.5 years.





Adoro had his first grooming after the long winter break :-) Hia last grooming was about 5 months ago!!! And I think he looks stunning <3 His Blue colour is comming though nicely hihihi




Some of Adoros Puppies

Sable Phantom Parti (Sable Tri)


Silver Mismarked

Black Solid

Silver Parti


A stunning litter of Mismarks is cream, apricot, blue and silver and stunning Parti Puppies in black parti, blue parti and cream paris.