As some of you might now Aris has retired back in december 2009 but now after a nother year he finally moved to his new family where he will be spoilt and where he gets all the attention he needs. He only lives a few minutes away from us and I will still groom him so I am very glad about finding this very special home for him as I will see him ever so often.

Let me introduce you to Bonny vom Extertal or Aris as we call this handsome Harlequin Miniature Poodle. It was love at the first sign. Well for me. Aris, just born, wasen´t able to see me. I was so lucky to witness the birth of him, his 3 sisters and his brother on the 7th of November 2004. I wasen´t sure if it is a good idea to take him because I would need time for him. So all I could do is visit him and keep my fingers crossed that no one will inquire for him and that my life will change to the good. It was well worth the long wait because with 3 month little Bonny became MY little Aris. Everyone was advising me to take one of his sisters, because no one liked is colour divisin and the sister where much better. But no, how could I change my mind just because of the colour?! And for me Aris was the cutest puppy I ever have seen. By the end, the colour dosen´t make the character. My parents diden´t like him either but they always said that if I want him then he is more then welcome to become our new family member. When I look at photos of Aris as a puppy or as a young dog than I do understand why they all where advicing me to take his sisters. But when I look at the dog, into his brown eyes, how sits next to me while I am writing this, than I am over the moon that I listened to my heart. My mum said that the ugly duckling has tuned into a proud swan with so much character and personality and I totally agree. There is hardly any bad things to tell about Aris. Okay he dose go mad (very mad since we have Charline) when someone is at the door. Aris loves visiters. And if you hear the dogs in our road barking, than he will be one of them. But as we all know, no one is perfect. On the other side, he is fab with cats, childerens, driving in the car, taken for walks, behaving when I take him to the vets, taking care of the kittens, ................ It would take me ages to write all the good things about him down so just think about the most loyal friend and what makes him/her so special and I think you are able to imagen how Aris is like. And again I am keeping my fingers crossed and hope that Aris will stay for much longer with me.

This is Aris with about 5 weeks with his 3 sisters and his brother.

About 7 month old

 With about 1 year

Else, my Mum, Bärbel, Aris and Billy . I am taken the photo LOL

 Aris with 3.5 years having fun on the beach

I trimmed Aris today LOL So here he is on the 21st of Feburary 2009

27.06.2009: New photos of Aris (and Charline) As the weather is getting to hot and as it takes to much time bathing all my dogs after we have been to the beachside I thought it is time for a summer clip.




Aris is about 5 years and 8 month in this new photos. Aris has turnt into a Puppy again since he has ben castrated LOL He looooves to play and run with his girls but he also gets very jealous when I am not paying any attention to him. His favorit place is on my lap or in my arms, bless him. It took a bit of time for me t o find the right amount of food for aris as he started to put weight on in less then nothing after his surgery but now all seems to be fine and Aris is enjoying his old days which hopfully will last for ever.