My little boy Aris came for a visit yesterday. He was due for his next haircut. Its so nice to see him every few weeks and to know what a happy boy he is. Aris wears a carharnis and is on the car seat so I can see how exited he is as soon as they pull in our driveway :-) He is so happy to be back at his old home for a few hours but he is also very exited if he gose back home with his mummy. I think that Aris is enjoying to have 2 homes and 2 mummys :-) He also gets along with all of my dogs and the Puppys. But Adoro was a bit surprised about a nother boy :-) Adoro wanted to welcome him and check Aris but Aris was not intrested. He rather wanted to run around the garden and "read" the "Red-Hot News". Here are a few Photos but as I said, Aris was to busy to keep still.