Charline has given me a beautifull daughter  which is now coming into breeding age and has past her health tests so therefore I decided to let Charline enjoy the rest of her life in a 5* pethome not far away from us. Charline is now living with a very nice couple and little Milly how is a Tiny Toy Poodle.  With Charline being a fantastic all-round dog I am pretty sure that she will bring a lot of life and joy into her new home.


This sweet black Miniature Poodle is Charline. She is born on the 6th of October 2007 and came to us in summer 2008 with 9 month. She is a really aktive and bouncy dog who brought a lot of life and joy in our home. Charline was a very spoilt  fluffy black thing and after a bath, trimm and training she has turnt into a really aktive and bouncy Poodle LOL She loves everyone and everything. She gets a long with all dogs, never mind if they are smaller or Great Dane sice. Unluckely I don´t have any photos of her as I got her, don´t know why I didn´t made some. So here are photos from Autumn/Winter 2008

Charline is very gently with the kittens and she loves to play with my cats.

She loves to stand on her back legs. She can walk very good. It was a long way to teach her to keep all 4 paws on the ground. Who ever had something to eat in the hand she would follow the person like that through the house.

  But she is also able to walk like a dog LOL

 This is my fluffy dog before I trimed her ........

And this is the same dog after 3 hours LOL

This is my little Lion on the 25th of Jauary 2009 I was relay proud of her coat and I think she looks soooo sweet but because of Charline being pragnent I decided to trim her before her babys arrive and thats how she is today on the 22.02.2009


27.06.2009: New photos of Charline (and Aris) As the weather is getting to hot and as it takes to much time bathing all my dogs after we have been to the beachside I thought it is time for a summer clip.




Charline .... well nothing has changed so far. She is still very very playfull and cuddely, she loves everyone and playing fetch is like heaven for her. Charline is much more patiently on the lead now - she is not trying to get all the attention from other people - BUT she is aktively looking at them and if a person smiles at her or even talks to her then she will try to get a cuddle... she is so crazy and clever.