I thought I will show you our daily feeding  routine :-) Also known as " Morning Madness"

Everything is nice and clean

get the bowls out - 10 for the dogs and 2  for the kittens

doggies are already waiting and are still able to keeo there distance

Get the meat and othere ingredients - today we are adding eggs to the meat

Mix the meat and add the eggs (2 complete eggas and from the rest only the york)

Add the cutlery - fork, tablespoon, teespoon and a big spoon

Now its getting hard for the dogs to keep out of my way LOL

Now it´s time to feed the kittens.

This is the amount of food for the smalles in the pack which is Cassy at the moment.

Lilly and La Vita are getting the most.

They are coming closer

The meat has been divided out - using the big spoon

Add the ingrediants, using the teespoon for measuring

Mix it all up - using the fork

Add the chees - using the table spoon

Puppys get there food first in the Dog´s Room so they are out of my way LOL

The rest of the pack must stay behind me where I can see them otherways they would go into the kitchen to help them selfs - naughts doggies

All Adutls have there ears tied up

Now Enjoy the meal