Green Spirit´s Karis - aka Jeanie - and her Mummy have come for a visit yesterday :-)

It was so lovely to meet Liz and Jeanie and to see little Jeanie. She has turned into a very stunning young lady with an amzing charter. She is not only beautiful but also very clever, high inteligent and has a great will to please <3

Liz and me talked a lot about the doggies and its amazing to see how very similar the characters between Zaphira and Jeanie are! They even have the same barking lol

Jeanie done very well with my pack and she was a star to the Puppies who both liked her very much but Joy loved her the most and little Joy tryed her very best to make Jeanie play, bless her.

Kijara is a good girl but also very naughty and strickt too and so she decidet to tell Jeanie off for playing in our garden. Kijara would not give up so she hade to stay indoors - if you can´t be nice, then you can´t be part of it! 

The other Spoos had to stay indoors to make sure, that the Puppies do not get scared off or harmed if the big ones should start to run and play and I so very well know, that they would try to get all of our attention lol Lilly still things she is a lapdog. Kahlan was allowed to come and meet Liz and Jeanie towards the end of the visit but the battiers of the camera run out at that point so no photos of her :-( Kahlan too was very happy to see Jeanie and tryed to enrourage her to play, but she was not very lucky lol



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