Larissa, Aslan amd Tokki

Curlyfriends Lady Lilly Larissa, Curlyfriends Quality life of Aslan and their little friend Tokki has come for a visit while their family is enjoying their holiday.

I was very pleased to see how easy it was to get the 3 of them into my pack and how fast they all made friends :-) Aslan needed a few secounds to remember me but then there was no stopping for him and he is part of my Puppy-Group and is making the most out of his stay. Tokki has never met me or us before but yet he greated me like an old friend <3 He surly does not know strangers, bless him. He and Mia are best friends. Tokki is intact and a very friendly and sovereign boy which just shows again that the behaviour of a dog is all down to their training and not related to his 2 testicles! Larissa bonded with the dogs within a short time, but unfortunately she needed more time to trust us but we did get their in the end and then she showed us what a lovely character she has :-)

Introducing the doggies.

Larissa enjoyed to play with Aslan and Mia :-)


Our first play time in the garden

Abbey and Aslan <3  

The 2 sisters - Larissa and Kahlan <3 <3 <3

 I still have a few more Photos and videos which  follow soon xx


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