27.05.2009 - 26.10.2021

Heaven has gained another star.

Es gibt zwei besondere Tage im Leben eines Frauchens die sich für alle Ewigkeiten ins Gedächnis einbrennen; der Tag an dem das Herz vor Freude fast aufhört zu schlagen und der Tag an dem das Herz vor Trauer zerbricht.

Lilly hat mir ihr ganzes Leben und all ihre Liebe gegeben. Mich begleitet und mich unterrichtet. Sie war stehts an meiner Seite und sie wird für immer in meinem Herzen sein. Mit ihr den letzten Weg zu gehen war unsagbar schlimm aber auch gleichzeitig das wertvollste Geschenk was ich ihr geben konnte. Nun sind meine "Drei Großen" wieder vereint mit all meinen anderen Engeln. 

Irgendwann werden wir uns wieder sehen xx


Lilly is my heart and soul. She was full of love and looks right into you soul. She has teached me so much and I learned so much from her. I am surly blessed with having such a great friend. 

I will miss you for ever and ever <3 <3 <3 





This little girl is called


She is a black Standard Poodle with a white chest and some white on her pawes. She may turn blue but it is still to early to tell. Lilly is a great puppy who brings a lot of life into the house but also a lot of joy. She and Ronja are best friends and are playing alot. If Lilly is not playing or asleep than she is eating LOL I could easely feed 3 Miniature Poodle Puppys on the food which Lilly needs. She is a very inteligent puppy who needs a lot of mentaly work. This can be a bit of a problem because she will ALWAYS find a way to entertain her self which is not always a pleasure for me. Her favourite game is to kick the water bowl.......... yep I have to clean it all up and of course give new water. But she is also learning fast and really good. She knew her name, "sit", "down" and "come" in just one week, mind you she was 8 weeks when I stared and a week later I showed her obedient to my parents. I am really proud of her and over the moon to have her here with us.



15.08.2009: Hier are some new photos of Lilly with 11.5 weeks. She is doing very well in "recall" training and she is used to the traffic, other people, dogs, kids........ she also walks "heel"...... Lilly is just fantastic. 3 weeks ago when I got Lilly she was just 28cm at the shoulder and now she is 40 cm!!!!! at the shoulder. She really is growing fast. But by thinking of her parents it woun´t surprise me if she really becomes a big girl - we will see.


27.09.2009: Lilly is 4 month old today so I tought it is time for a bath and new photos. Lilly is 51cm and weights 15.2kg. She is developing great and has got a lot of temper. You can easely tell by her character that she is an F1. She is very easy to handel as long as she gets enough mental work. But she is fab in all other aspect.


Here are some new photos of Lilly. She slowly is turning into a stunning Poodle. photos where taken on the 24.10.2009

I love this photo. Lilly looks so funny with her brown face. Well it´s just the flashlight which makes her face shine brownish. This happens because Lilly will turn blue or at least into a other colour. She woun´t stay black... I think LOL



Just take a look at this beautiful young lady. 



The last time when I trimmed Lilly is already 11 weeks ago!!!!!  Belive me, it was almost like "The never ending Story" There was enough coat for 3 Poodles!! But after a few hours I finaly have a beautifull Lilly again.  




Lilly is now just over 1 year old and is in her summerclip. She weights 26 kg and standas 63cm at the shoulder. She is my "little gaint baby"



Lilly is still changing her caot colour but at the moment she is not really sure what colour she would like to be LOL When shaved she looks dark silver/light blue, when her caot is about 1 inch long or longer  she looks black and if the caot gets mch longer she will then look brownish - here are a few photos.

This 2 photos are with flashlight

This photo is with out flashlight



Lilly has turmed into a fantastic girl. She is still very very active and boncy but she loves everyone and everything - most of all her ball. Lilly is also a fantastic dog in the public and is turning heads wherever she goes.  If I would have more time I would start agility with Lilly. She loves exercise and jumps over a 1m high fence while standing right in front of it and there is still a big gap between her self and the fence.  She has a lot of power and a new job at the moment - Puppysitting :-)



Big and Beauty



curlyfriends parti poodle, curly friends parti poodle, mismarked, f1



before brushing brushed   

bathed trimmedcurlyfriends parti poodle, curly friends parti poodle, mismarked, f1



Now it was time for Lilly to take off her jacked :-) And look at this Blue, its all coming through now



Lilly in her new Wintertrim lol You have to get used to it but I think is the best way. clean and dry legs and a warm jacket. Now we just have to wait for the snow



lol Lilly is now getting redy for her summercut. Her colour is nor clearing to a nice blue.

curlyfriends parti poodle, curly friends parti poodle, mismarked, f1



Awwww that looks better. What a stunning girl she is :-)

  curlyfriends parti poodle, curly friends parti poodle, mismarked, f1  



Thought I will show you a few photos of Lilly when she is waering her harniss :-) I think blue suits her very well.




My stunning girl with 3.5 years :-)







Lilly is now in her this years summer cut :-D




My lovely Lilly is now all ready for the winter :-)




Lilly has recovered nicely after her litter of 10 in January and she is still a wonderful mother to her 2 Puppies Alya and Atria. I have also shaved her just a few days ago - surly the easiest way to get through a busy summer but I can´t wait for her to be back in coat again <3



Lilly kurz nach ihrem 8. Geburstag <3 

Lilly just after her 8th Birthday <3



Lilly mit fast 11 Jahren <3 <3 <3 Ein Blasenentzündung ärgert sie momentan, aber an sonsten geht es meiner Großen prächtig :-)

Wie ich, wartet auch sie schon ungeduldig auf den Frühling. Mal schauen wie lange es noch dauert.


Lilly with nearly 11 years <3 <3 <3 A inflammation of the bladder is bothering her at the moment but other then that she is fine :-) The 2 of use are desperately waiting for the spring. Hope it won´t take that much longer.



Lilly hat Gestern ihren 11. Geburtstag gefeiert :-D Ich bin unsagbar Froh, dass meine Große noch hier ist und genieße jeden Tag mit ihr. Als Geburtstags Geschenk gab es lecker fleischige Knochen vom Schaf ubd Entenköpfe.

HIER geht es zu den Fotos xx


Lilly has celebrated her 11. birthday yesterday :-D I am so happy to have her still with me and we are enjoying every single day. The doggies have enjoyed the meaty sheed bones and duck heads.

HERE are some photos xx