After looking for almost 1 and a half year fror a Borderdoodle I finally found this sweet little girl. I was hoping to find a cross between a Standard Poodle and Boder Collie but the 2 litters I found last Spring and Summer came fron non health tested parents. So of course this Puppys were a no-go for me, health should be first priority and not the size or colour. Zaphira is a very playfull Puppy and fitted into my pack with no trouble. Her caot is very soft and silky and time will tell what caot typ she is.



3167g - 27 cm

Zaphira is 9 weeks today and its a totally joy to have her here. She has settled into my pack with no problems and is fine with my cats too. Her best friend is Cassy and I am sure that little Cassy is habby to have someone to play with who is of similary size :-)



My littly monkey. She always makes us laugh and everyone loves her. She has been to the town and the car boot sales a few times and she is very confident but she things that she is old enough now to walk on her own. She keeps tring to jump down from the arm :-)



Zaphira is growing nicely and seems to come after her mother in size :-) She is not as soft as she was with 8 weeks but she is still not sheeding at all.



Zaphira is almost 4 month old. Now as I let her coat grow it starts to get wavy :-)





Zaphira is abot 10 month now and is just under 17". She has grown into a stunning girl but there is still time to grow and to devellop. She looks like a Border Collie, she herds like a Border Collie, she walks like a Border Collie and she is always on the move like a Border Collie BUT she has the sweet, friendly, calm, easy trainable Chacater from the Poodle and she always wants to please :-) WOW I am over the moon that Zaphira has truly develloped into the dog I was looking for. She is absolutly amazing and a great Puppy sitter lol Her coat is still changing but she has for sure the Border Collie coat. most people do see the Border Collie in her but they can´t belive that she is a Border Collie/Poodle cross. She just does not look like it. But if you know the Poodle and you know Zaphyra THEN you can see where the Poodle is hiding in her, bless her.






lol it was time for a trim. I do not really like her fluffy but think that she is stunning like this :-)




My crazy little girl has been to Animal Health Trust today. I knew we go there for the Eye Examination, but she thought we would be there just to get loooooots of cuddles and attention, bless her. She was a very good girl, but it was hard for her to keep still and to accept that the other people at AHT are not there because of her lol Zaphira loves other dogs and people and would do everything to get a cuddle.

Zaphira has again passed her Eye Examination :-)




Zaphira had a quick bath and dry so I could try my new blower on her too :-D




My sweet girl Zaphira is also now sporting her summer cut :-) She has recovered nicely after her litter in January and is ne happy and playful girl, bless her.