Early Neutering your Pet!?

So your little Puppy is growing and developing nicely?! He/She is fit and health?! He/She is enjoying life to the maximum and is bringing you and your family lots of love and joy?! You are looking at great years together with your dog?! … So why are you wanting to harm your Puppy then?! Why would you want to take the risk of cancer, endocrine imbalances - Addison or Cushing are just 2 of the problems - , joint problems, allergies, aggression, fear, incontinence, overweight … the list goes on and on?!

Early Neutering has become a routine surgery to manage the overpopulation of unwanted pets. It was an easy way of managing irresponsible pet owners. But it´s our beloved Pets who have to pay for it! So if you are a responsible Dog Owner who is aware that a bitch in season should not run off-leash and should be kept safe of intact male dogs and if you know that an intact male dog must be raised and trained just as well as his neutered fellow or a female dog, then why are you taking the risk of destroying your healthy dog?!

It just don´t make any sense to me….

I could write an endless story about why to NOT get your Puppy early neutered, but the internet is already full with great information so I have to admit that I am not wasting my time to write it all again … as hundreds of people – mainly VETS - have done this already.

There is no real reason WHY you should neuter a Puppy or even an adult dog! The numbers of dogs which get neutered due to real MEDICAL reasons are next to nothing! But the list of long-time health risk for neutered dogs is very scary and there is no cure for it once the dog falls ill.

So if you still believe that you MUST NEUTER your dog, than PLEASE wait until the Puppy has fully grown up! DON`T DO EARLY NEUTERING! The Puppy NEEDS his sexual hormones to develop into a healthy dog – neutering at a later age still increases the risk of the problems named above, but at least the Puppy had a chance to develop!

Be a responsible Pet Owner – now and in the future. Keep your dog safe from unwanted litters, train your Puppy to grow into a great dog and keep your Puppy and Dog FIT and HEALTHY.

If your Puppy is lucky and he/she is allowed to go through puberty, then this would be a good time to neuter:

A Miniature Poodle not before the age of 18months – the later the better.

A Standard Poodle not before the age of 2 years – the later the better.

And if your Dog is even luckier, then he/she will remain intact until there are TRUE medical reasons to neuter or until it´s time for him/her to cross the Rainbow Bridge.

Don´t let your Vet push you into this surgery! Do you research and try to understand how BIG the impact of such a SMALL surgery will have on your DOG`S LIFE.

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