Curlyfriends Rasco

Rasco was already 4.5 months old when he left us for his new family. But he was not a "left over" Puppy but a fully family member up untill the day he joined  his new family, bless him.

We have spend a lot of time rasing him and his siblings and then, as he got older, I started gently puppy training with him and we started to show him the big world :-)

I did took a lot of photos and videos during this time to show how very well he is coming along and I decided to keep his page active to show that an older Puppy can be a very good match too and that it hopefully helps others to find a good breeder and so they see what an older Puppy must have already learned!


Rasco is 12 weeks old :-) He had his secound Vet Visit and all is well <3 Rasco has also started his lead training which is coming along so very well! There is a video at the bottom of this page xx

More photos and information of this Puppies can be found here:


Further up-dates of this Puppies will follow on this page as they grow and devellop xxx


As you will see, there are more Puppies in the photos and videos then just Ranjana and Rasco, but the others are not available!

Raluca (black girl with a bit of white on her chest)  and Rhydian (blond boy) have found great homes already and they will soon join their families.

Joy (Black and Tan Puppy), is my keeper Puppy, so she too goes through all the training xx

The Puppies had their first whistle training on friday :-) I think they done quite good x


And yesterday wass their secound training - first with the doggis and then just the Puppies.

Soooo sweet <3 <3 <3

I also got a few new photos from our puppy-play-time which I hope to add later today .... just need to find some spare time :-/

... Here are finally new photos :-D



Gosh, sunday was such a bad day :-( Its really hard to entertain the puppies if its raining all day long! Letting the puppies play outside was just not possible and the potty breaks had to be timed with the showerbreaks. Even my doggies got annoyed by the puppies high energy level, bless them. But luckely the rain stopped towards the late afternoon and therefore the puppies still had the chance to play just over 1.5hourse in the garden before it was bedtime. Yesterday was a much better day and today seems to be good too :-D 


My sweet girl Joy <3  

Rasco :-D He is still looking fir a home xx


Rasco and Raluca xx


Mia loooooves to play with the Puppies <3 She is a very good puppysitter and entertainer lol


Mia and Joy <3 <3 <3


Rasco again, he is such a poser lol


Run MIA! RUN! ... Mia is a bit naughty at the moment so Lilly keeps a close eye on her and makes sure that the little black thing knows her place!


Elias has joined us so we are now complete <3


One very happy and relaxed cat ... thank you Elias <3



Awww I am so pleased but also a bit sad to say, that our sweet girl Ranjana has found her own family <3 She will still stay with us for a week but it starts to get so hard to let the babies go <3 <3 <3  ...

I did not take any new photos over the last days, but I promiss more will come before all the Puppies fly the nest :-)

Mum and me had a very busy but also excitable morning yesterday - good for us but bad for the dogs and Puppies as they had to stay at home. But when we returned back at home I was very happy to see that the Puppies have all been asleep in their PuppyPen. They only just woke up as I opend the door and looked rather confused and sleepy at me, bless them. But their joy and excitmant was hugh once they realiyed that it was me <3

Rhydian and Raluca are off to the Vets today - for their health check and Micro Chip - so I will bath them before we leave and then get a photo shooting done with them while they are still clean and fluffy lol

We are still going to bed between 10pm and 11pm but the Puppies have now been as good as gold untill I get up in the morning! They don't mind if it is 7am ot 8.30am! They just wair for me to get up :-D So that means I can slowly start to catch up on some sleep loool

... I think thats all news for now ...


Today we said goodby to our sweet girl Raluca and wished her and her family all the best <3 Raluca has enjoyed a bit more time with us while her family was enjoying their holiday but now it was time for litte Lotti - thats her petname - to move into her new home which she will hopefully will also fill with lots of love and joy just like she did it hear <3

I always keep my Puppies seperated from us - they will have to wait outside in the patio if the weather is nice - when I let families come into the house. This is because my dogs do get quite excited when visitors are comming and I just dont want that my Puppies get hurt but the main reason is, that my Puppies could get scared as they dont know why the doggies are so .. well... crazy, and this could make the Puppies fearfull towards strangers which I really try to avoide! And I think we are doing a great job in avoiding this as the Puppies have been totally over the moon as they where finally allowed to come in and join us :-D They surly loved all the attention and all 5 Puppies where happy to see the visitors <3 They did at first got a bit too excited but the Puppies soon calmed down and showed us that they where surly tired and that was the sign for us to know that it was time to take little Lotti and get on the way ...

Here are a few photos from yesterday :-D As you can see, Rasco is not in Puppy Pants <3 He is turning out into a stunning boy!


A true Poodles loves water <3 The weather has been very nice yesterday so I thought I will set up a little padling poodle for the Puppies and both had great fun in it :-)

I have to say, that I was very pleased to see, that Joy would also retrive anything I thouh into the water!

Rasco would not play fetch with me as he was to busy with checking out the water lol



Its been another few busy days for Rasco where he had more chances to socialise, play and learn <3

Jeanie and her owner came for a visit on friday and Rasco had a lovely time playing with Jeanie - KLICK HERE FOR PHOTOS

Adoro and Percy went back home on saturday which means that their owners have come for a visit which again gave Radco the chance to socialise with even more peoples :-) He surly enjoyes attention and so does my little girl Joy who is showing clearly her mothers caracter, bless her. Rasco also had another lead trainin in the afternoon which went very well <3

And today - Sunday - we decided to take the Puppies out in the public. This was their first time out apart from the walks at our house! We first went to a car boot sale and the to another marked. Both Puppies done very well, but Rasco was far more confident to walk the joy lol We had some very nice people and dog contacts and Rasco was interested in everything and injoyed to investigat, bless him.

Here are a few photos xx



Joy and Rasco had their first walk wih the big onse today and they both done so very well <3 <3 <3 They both showed what they have already learned and it was no problem for them to do so in the group :-D
... Ramira, she is here for holiday care ... well, the 2 of us got to catch up on homework :-( She needs to understand that we do things together as a TEAM and that humans are not only there for playing and feeding. She is such a busy gitl, bless her.



Here are a few new photos of Rasco :-) He is growing and develloping nicely <3

Rasco has just turned 14 weeks. He stands at 30cm and weights 4.5Kg.


Its been a very nice but yet busy day yesterday :-)

Rasco and Joy had a trip down to the Vets for some Puppy Training - just sitting in the waiting area and watch the others hihihi Kijara and Mia have come along to support the Puppies. Rasco and Joy done very well and behaved beatufully, bless them. We then stoped at a nice field for a small Puppy Walk where Mia and Kijara have enjoyed a good run too. 

The Puppies - yet again :-) - have been great. They stayed close, in touch and came to the whistle.

The Puppies where very tired once we arrived at home which gave me time to exercise my Standard Poodles :-) Lucky Kijara hihihi But Kijara is a bit overeight - she still got some extra lbs from raising her last litter lol - so a bit more exercise will surly not harm her.

The Minis got their walkis in the late afternoon and by that time Rasco and Joy where already "fully charged" so that they got a secound walk too.

Joy was torn vetween staying with me or investiget with the Minis, bless her. But she stayed somewhere inbetween but always stayed in touch with me <3 Whereas Rasco surly preffers to walk with me :-) He too stpos to niff or runs a little distance with the others but he is very close to me for 90% of his walk! He is always looking at me and just waits to hear me praise him.

The Puppies know 100% what the whistle means and they both are flying back to me as soon as I blow the whistle :-)  

Here are a few videos :-)

Little Joy showing her great recall <3 <3 <3

Rasco :-D I think he is coming along nicely :-)

And a little video from our Puppy Walk with Kijara and Mia xx

And the walk together with the Minis :-)


And another fantastic and busy day comes to an end :-)

The doggies all got their exercise in the morning and I started to cut the grass while it was not too hot. Then in the afternoon it was time for more Puppy Training. The Puppies, Kahlan, Mum and me went to the town today for some Puppy training. Rasco at first did not wanted to walk so we just stood still so he could watch everything but after a while he was happy and walked :-D It was Market Day so very crowdy too. Joy has been fine about the new situation. But both Puppies still need to learn to only walk on one side and to not walk IN FRONT of me looool Its very hard to walk if there is always a black thing in front of one hihihi We also stopped for a little Puppy Walk which all 3 enjoyed. And then all the doggies enjoyed their rabbit in the garden - think that gave this busy day a nice finish „grin“-Emoticon

I did npt take any photos in the town, but here is a video from the town and the Puppy Walk x

And here are a few photos from the Puppy Walk :-)


And the complete gang :-D


Rasco still had a little piece from his lunch but he was already full up and tryed to hide it somewhere or at least keep it safe from the others, bless him.


The morning has been quite boring for the Puppies as I needed the time to exercise my doggies so I was able to take the Puppies out :-) We first had a quick run over the field - toilet break - and then we went to the car boot sale. The Puppies have been very good! They walked quite good on their leads, have been very respectful to others and where fine with other dogs :-) I did not allow any contact today as they where just to good and I did not wanted to take the risk of a bad situation <3 The 3 of us also took some time to just stand by the side and watch the world go by and I was very pleased as both Puppies have setted in a "down" next to me :-D Lots of people came to us and wanted to pet the Puppies - most of them did not even ask!!! - but I alsways told them to not touch the Puppies as they are in training and so we had a few conversation surounded by strangers and the Puppies did not move nor did thez trz to get up <3 <3 <3  Mum also had to do a bit of shopping so me and the Puppies waited outside of the shop which went very well too and then we had a little walk along the lake :-) On the way down to the lake we had to pass a lady with their dog so I kept the Puppies on the lead, just in case, but all went well and once we where passed them they where allowed off lead. Then a man came up the track so I decided to just leave the Puppies off lead as I need to see how they gone behave - there is always a first time for everything lol - Rasco walked with me and was not bothered about the man and Joy at first did not see the man as she stopped to sniff but as the man was just in front of me I decided to call for her so that she does not get lost or scared when the man would be between her and me. She came running to me at the first call and was not bothered about the man at all :-) She just run passed him and joyned us as if he was not there! I am soooo very proud of the Puppies <3 Then once we reached the lake we saw 4 groups of angler - also a first time for the Puppies. Joy asked me once what they are doing so I showed her that its ok but to stay with me. Rasco needed more time and watched the men closely lol He did not run to them but he did showed, that he was a bit nervouse and unsure about it so we just stopped and gave him time to work his way through this situation. He was fine in the end and has fully accepted that there are groups of men who are talking and having fun :-) On the way back to the car we had to pass another lady with her dog. The distance to her was to small so I could not put the Puppies back on the lead without risking that they get nervouse so I called them back to me and we waited on the grass and let the lady pass - no problems :-D

Quick run on the field x


Pick me up Mum! I am to small to jump into the car yet, bless her.


Waiting at the shop xx


And finally at the lake :-D


And todays Video xx


Sorry for the delay in updating on Rasco but here we are again :-)

Rasco is doing very well and his Puppy Training and Trick Training is coming along nicely. He is 4 months old and is growing and develloping nicely. He has been back to the Vets for another Puppy Health Check and he is all well - no problems and normal pattelas :-)

Here is a video of him and Joy from the 14th (internet was down so I could not post it sooner). It was the first time that we have been using the Balance Ball.

Rasco has already lerned to follow my snipping hand which makes things easier but Joy did not know what it means at that time hihihi But she knows it now!
More Videos will follow


Yesterday has been a busy day for Ranjana and Rasco :-) We have been to the car boot sale for so,e Puppy Training and then watched peole go by at a shop while Mum done the shopping :-D

Rasco done very well and I am so happy to say, that he is now staying to one of my side when walking ... well, 95% of the time BUT he is getting there <3

Ranjana is coming along nicely too. Her radius in which she runs off-lead is much bigger then what I like to see in my Puppies BUT she stays in touch with me, follows me and is a very happy Puppy, bless her.



Rasco and Joy have been to the town today :-D

Awww look at Ranjana <3 <3 <3
She is still very busy with checking what´s going on around her but she is staying with me much more and she is looking up to me as much as she can :-D

Rasco is not bothered about what´s going on around him <3 He will just stay with me :-) Cars, buses, motor bokes, people, running kids, dogs, ducks ... just one sound of me and I have 1000% of his attention.
He is so focused on me, that he is not even interested in people if they pet him! What a clever boy <3  


Rasci and Kahlan have been to Felixstow with us. Both have behaved nicely and they enjoyed theior walk across the Market and at the beach :-D


Rasco has safely arrived in his new home in Scotland. He was very good throughout the long journey and is settling nicely with his new family.

I hope that he will continue to devellop as nicely as he did here and that he will very soon show what a lovely character he has xx

He of course had another bath before he left us :-)