Sad Times ....

I am sitting in front of the PC, surrounded by all of my Doggies and Puppies, with tears in my eyes, trying to see the ceyboard and trying to write one of the saddest sentence ever ...

Curlyfriends has gained 4 more little Angels <3 <3 <3

I still can´t belive what has happend, its like a bad dream and you just wish to wake up .... but this is real and it´s hearbreaking and an experiances which I wish I never had to undergo.

But I am also thankful that this 4 very special characters have decided to start their short lives here at Curlyfriends. They where only part of our family for a few weeks but they will remain in our hearts for ever <3 <3 <3

I am also very grateful for all the help, support, love and kind wishes which I and the Curlyfriends Team have received from our Family and Friends. Thank you to all of you who have stand by our side during this sad days xxx

R.I.P. Curlyfriends Vincent


R.I.P. Curlyfriends Viona


R.I.P. Curlyfriends Wicked Spirit


R.I.P Curlyfriends Wicked Wahida