Suffolk Dog Day 1st of August

This was a great day out for both - us AND the dogs. When we arrived at the car park I was a bit nervose as I wasn´t expecting soooooo many visitors and I just though to my self  "Hopefully will my dogs remember what we learned in the last weeks " but a bit later I had to find out that all my worries where with out any reasons. My Poodles where a bit " all over the place" for about 10 minutes (or so) but then they settled and we had a nice walk around the show. There have been lots of visitors and even more dogs but it was a "Dog Day" so whatelse should I expect LOL We also meet a few visitors who knew the Parti Poodles - some have heard of the Parti Poodles and some of the people have seen them before but there where also a lot of visitors who where question me about this "unusual", "funny" or "beautiful" colours as they never heared/seen them before. This means that there are now a few more people who have meet a Parti Poodle - but even better - my doggies got lots of cuddles :-)

There where many cute Crossbreedes but also very nice Purebreeds and I saw for the first time a Papillon and a Chinese Chrested and yes I think this 2 Breeds look even more stunning in real then on all the photos I have seen. Huskys - I am not sure whether this dogs just cought my eye or whether they where the main breed at the show but I had the feeling as if there when planty of them, they are so beautiful. There where just a very few other Poodles, 2 black Miniature, a brown Miniature, a silver Standard and a very smal Toy - and of course mine LOL But there where a lot of Poodlecross breeds; Labradoodle, Goldendoodle, Cavapoo..... some of them really looked stunning. I was hoping to see a few, good quality, longcaoted Chihuahuas but there weren´t any at all, just the smoth caoted. I am not such a big fan of the smoth caoted Chis, but some of them where realy nice. 

But anyway here are a few photos, I hope you like them.

Me and my dogs :-)

This Border Colly was absolutly stunning. He/She ??? Really loved to herd the duks. It was nice to watch them. And I am sure that my dogs would love to do something else with this kind of "fast food" LOL  

Birds of Prey -arn´t they beautiful !!!

They also showed some water retrieve. I truly belive that Kijara would do the same if there would be a duck in the middle of the lake LOL