We had a few busy Puppy days again :-) But they where very nice!

On Tuesday Mum, Phoenix and me left to visit "Curlyfriends Lady Laska" - better known as Gracie - and her family. Gracie is the litter sister to my girl Kahlan and I have not seen her since she left home as a tiny Puppy. It was so nice to see her and to see how nicely she has devellopede <3 Gracie had to let her K9 friend cross the rainbow bridge a few weeks back and so she has become a sad girl. She surly misses her friend, bless her. But her Mummy and Daddy have decided to get her a new friend and to welcome Phoenix into their family. Phoenix will still stay with me for a bit longer due to the holidays so we arranged a doggy-play-time :-)

The start was a bit complicated - from Phoenix´s side, Gracie was happy straight away and wanted to play. But Phoenix warmed up after a while and so we where able to let them have some off-lead time and to just enjoy their little game and all the comunication between them :-D Gracie tryed so hard to make Phoenix feel safe, bless her.



Then yesterday we took Zaphira, Primus and Phoenix into the town :-)

All 3 have behaved nicely and they got lots of attention and cuddles which they enjoyed.

And this morning we finally started more one-2-one training with Prentiss and so she had her first walk in the public :-) She is an amazing girl and the older she gets the more I can see her grandmother Lilly in her <3 <3 <3 Prentiss has been quite a bit of hard work in the last weeks as she has been testing me a lot - just like Lilly did it as a puppy lol - but its been for a few days now, that she really tryed hard to please me, to learn and to understand :-D She realized that its more fun to do things together and to become a team <3 So it was time to take her out.

Prentiss done quite good in the town, but she still needs to learn a lot, bless her. And she surly was not as brave on her own as she pretents to be at home lol Prentiss and me got a full time table for next week :-D

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