*** Puppy Training ***

We were blassed with 2 stunning litters of Puppies in 2014 and for some reason it happend, that I still had Puppies waiting for their pefect family untill they where 5 months old. But we made the most of this time and so I started to train and sozialise the Puppies up untill the day where they left us for their new life in their new familys.

I took a lot of photos and videos of the Puppies during that time to show how they are coming along and how far we are getting in our Puppy training :-D

So now, looking back at all this great days which we had, I decided to set up an extra page with links to this regularly up-dates ***

I hope you enjoy them xx


PLEASE CLICK HERE for lots of photos and information about the Puppies devellopment xxx We had a litter of 11 Standard Poodles and a litter of 6 Borderdoodles which where only 3 days apart! So i had to raise, train and sozialise 17 Puppies - looots or work, loooong days BUT its was also lozs of fun and lots of love and joy which has been chared <3 It was a big task for us but I think we done very well :-)



PLEASE CLICK HERE for photos for our morning play time :-) Its amazing how much energy the Puppies have in the morning lol

PLEASE CLICK HERE for photos of our Good-Night-Play-Time :-)



PLEASE CLICK HERE: I have added new photos and videos of the Puppy Training. We traveld a lot with the Puppies - its just good that Mum likes to drive lol



PLEASE CLICK HERE: I thought it was time to show how very well the Puppies are doing :-) Lots of photos and videos xx Each of the Puppies have to go through a one-2-one training before I take them for a walk with the others. By the time that they are "ready" to go walkies with my dogs they have learned to walk heel on the lead, to stay in touch, come with a whistle and to sit when I stop :-D



PLEASE CLICK HERE for a few photos from our Puppy walk and Puppy-play-time xxx



PLEASE CLICK HERE for the first up-date of 2015 :-D



PLEASE CLICK HERE for news about our Puppy-training xx A weeks training with Prentiss and one would have thought that she is a new Puppy <3 <3 <3 She surly surprised me positive xxx



PLEASE KLICK HERE to see news of our busy week :-)



PLEASE CLICK HERE for lovely photos of a walk with Prentiss


Please do take the time to check my "Puppy Diary" to see our previous Puppies xxx