The Puppies had a busy but nice day :-D


La Vita, Charming and Primus went to the car boot sale. All 3 of them done well :-D And then we enjoyed a bit of play/walk across the field.


Once we all where back at home it was time for a big play-time to exercise my doggies before I could carry on the Puppy Traning :-D Next was Prentiss. She done very well and I think she enjoyed it to have Jasper and Castiel joining us. She was great on and off the lead and was not to worried about the traffic, bless her. Prentiss is still very playful at the recall but thats all fine, as the recall IS A GAME. Prentiss is surly taking after her grandmother Lilly and she will be an amazing lady one day <3



And then it was time to take Phoenix out. Gosh, what a funny boy, bless him. It was more complicated of taking videos and photos of him, as he keeps close to me lol He is coming along so very well <3 <3 <3


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